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About Our Pet Supply Store

Newly acquired in April 2018, we had a vision and a mission. To provide the very best customer service

possible and assist pet guardians in making suitable choices for pet nutrition and quality of life.

We take great pride in being an integral part of that process, spending years researching and evolving

so that you can feel comfortable coming to us for any assistance you may need when it comes to

giving the best to your pet!

We are passionate and enthusiastic about our food and products, with the goal of engaging our

customers, an advantage of being an integral part of your community. 

Simply put, you and your pet really matter to us. So stop in and chat with us. You will be

glad you did!

Our Team

Our Team

We are passionate for pets and love to engage with our customers, offering

personalized one on one advice, recommendations and superior, friendly service.

You will not find that online! 

And if we do not carry what you are looking for, we will do everything in our power

to get it for you.

Come by and chat with us!

Dr. Kristi
Store Owner
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